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How to Refinish Wood Chairs

A little bit of TLC and some fresh paint can turn anything into a lovely new piece. I love a bargain, and when I found these two kid chairs at the curb on trash day I had to snag them. Mind you, they were pretty rough looking and needed some repair, but nothing my husband couldn't fix prior to refinishing. We literally turned trash into treasure (ha!).

DIY Personalized Wood Log Tea Light Candles

This is a fun, decorative piece to make that isn't very time consuming if you have the right tools and supplies. We cut down a huge dead tree last November, and unfortunately had to sacrifice a few small live trees in the process. With tons of hardwood logs and branches available, we got busy with lots of ideas. This one has been pretty popular with our friends and family as gifts. Below, I list all the supplies and steps to complete your own DIY tea light candle set.