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Camping at Trackrock Campground & Stables - Blairsville, GA with VIDEOS

Camping at Trackrock Campground & Stables - Blairsville, GA with VIDEOS

What an amazing retreat from reality - this beautiful campground is 250 acres, family owned and has a variety of "types" of campsites to choose from, even some cabin rentals. Getting the opportunity to experience this location in the north Georgia mountains with horseback riding, a lake, and trails galore, all while camping with my beautiful family, left me with a warm fuzzy feeling and such gratitude to the Alexander family for allowing us this experience! You have to call the office to reserve a campsite, but you can book horse rides on their website.


When you pull up to the campground entrance, you are presented with beautiful rolling mountains in the background with a lake and stable view. I immediately was excited as we didn't get to do our "pre-drive through" because of the distance. I just felt immediately welcomed and relaxed. Trackrock has about 100 campsites, some tent sites and a handful of cabin rentals. Campsites are nestled up in the wooded hills, a small grassy cove (where we stayed), or up on the top of a hill (Hill Top Circle -this one seemed the most quiet, we didn't see any kids). A couple of hints and tips for your arrival:

  1. There are cute little street signs as you get closer to the campground to let you know you are heading the right way. Enjoy the beautiful country surroundings along the route.

  2. Very pet friendly but pets need to be on a certain length of leash and can't be a nuisance (aka. barking if left alone or dog aggressive in public areas)

  3. Some sites are "backwards" in the 1st Circle/Nosey Hill loops, but the owners will use their tractor to pull your camper in the right way if you ask!

  4. Note where the bathhouses are on each loop if you need to use them, as there is probably going to be a walk to it from most sites

  5. We have T-mobile service and a verizon jet pack, and neither worked in our cove. We had to exit the campground and drive a few miles down the street to get service.

  6. Pavilions can be reserved at no charge for group activities; we celebrated Peach 1 & Peach 2’s 4th & 2nd birthday at the main pavilion. No parking fees for guests!

The check-in building is right at the front entrance and has such charm to it. From the antiques hanging in the rafters, to the swallows flying around and nesting, it just felt cozy. You will check in and get some info about typical campground rules, and pick up an ice cream from the little store if you like :)  Very simple process but the parking is a little tight due to the narrow street so just do your best to not block traffic.


We stayed at site 74 down past the Lower Road, closer to the cabin side of the property. We picked this site because it backed up to a creek and seemed close to the playground and beach/lake. This site was a little tricky to get into because there isn't a nice cul-de-sac to turn around in, plus the site across from ours was filled. We had to get creative, and with a little bit of arguing, we finally did our 10 point backwards and forwards motions to get in the right position. The sites had some gravel and we only had to squeeze between two trees at the rear, so they didn't affect the slide out or awning thankfully.

There was plenty of shade which was great, and we had a metal fire ring. The creek had a cute little bridge over it that was impossible to keep Peach 2 away from. We even had a feisty resident lizard that I had to catch to show the girls. Even though we were next to the small creek, the bugs weren't too bad. And I must say, the double hammock setup was a hit with the girls since they kept fighting over one!

I've added a video of some other loops at the end if you are wanting to see them and check out the variety of options. There are some sites where people live full time, so it was great to meet some of the "locals" who worked at the barn!


  • Lots to do:scheduled hayrides, hiking & exploring, lake swimming, playgrounds, local attractions (although we never left the campground)

  • Horse stables with beautiful trails & awesome guides. You ride rain or shine! Group rides or private rides with the options to canter, etc. You get to enjoy the horses and they are well cared for! But the trail and views... amazing!

  • Surrounded by mountain views and big skies

  • Playgrounds and pavilions

  • Shady yet some sun

  • Clean, and although some spaces are close together, you feel like you're on top of the world when your out exploring the amenities

  • Good trees for hammocks, or double-hammocks!


  • Issue with wifi and phone reception (but not the campground's fault, just nature's! ) so just be prepared

  • Some sites aren't "beautifully" manicured but we loved the rustic feel- only mentioning this so as to set the right expectations

Birthday girls, Peach 1 & Peach 2

I just can't seem to write out my feelings of happiness I got from staying at this campground. I love horses, so we took the girls and their friends for a group ride one day, then I went on a private 2 hour ride the next day. The girls got to ride the first time in their lives and we escaped reality for a short 4 days. We even experienced our first "monsoon" storm (and hubby helped our neighbors who arrived during it!) so we got to learn some about camper maintenance in the rain, ha! I highly recommend this campground, and this place has stolen my heart and is now number one on my camping list to return to each year (sorry, Old Federal Campground!). 


Happy Camping!

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