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Camping at Stone Mountain Campground - Stone Mountain, GA with VIDEOS

Camping at Stone Mountain Campground - Stone Mountain, GA with VIDEOS

Stone Mountain - What a neat place to camp and day trip, plus it's a piece of history for Georgia. I grew up visiting Stone Mountain - I remember hiking it as a child and seeing the laser show many times. Now Stone Mountain itself offers much to do: attractions, hiking, water park play, restaurants, 4D movies, train ride around the mountain, and of course, camping at the RV park!

Stone Mountain Campground


Stone Mountain Campground is pretty large and consists of different loops that offer different hookups and amenities. Make sure you review the campground map to confirm what you want out of your site before booking, because these sites are cheap.  You need to be aware of a few things when booking this campground:

  1. You must pay the gate fee of $15 to get into the park, no exceptions. This is for all park visitors and campground visitors. The campground itself does not have it's own gate. Campers do get a pass to re-enter the park gates for free during camping stay

  2. Very pet friendly but pets need to be on a certain length of leash and can't be a nuisance (aka. barking if left alone or dog aggressive in public areas)

  3. Many of the loops are tightly packed in and people have complained they are "backwards", meaning the doors to the camper are opening in AWAY form the lake or view, so keep that in mind when looking at the map and booking your site

  4. Note where the bathhouses are on each loop if you need to use them, as there is probably going to be a walk to it from most sites

  5. Free Wifi, but too slow, not really able to use it

The check in building is right at the front near the purple loop, and it was nice that they had long parking areas to easily park your rig to check-in. There was a line when I arrived, but it moved relatively quick and the staff were nice and informative. There is a general store has a little bit of everything like toys, pool supplies, food, firewood, etc. Discount tickets for Stone Mountain park passes are also sold at the check-in desk and were really good deals. 


We stayed at site 157 on the "purple" loop. The purple loop is considered the premium loop and will get you a wood deck with gas grill. Although we didn't use the grill, I looked at it and I'd cook on it if needed. Our site was also directly across from the playground, the pool was next to it, and there was a volley ball net and big grass field. Close to the general store as well if you forgot something or needed an ice cream.

There was shade and sun opportunities due to the nice trees - we didn't have any problems with backing into our spot and none of the hookups or trees got in the way of the awning or slid out. Parking the truck was a little awkward since the driveway was "shorter" than we are used to, but we figured it out.

I've added videos of other loops at the end if you are wanting to see them.

Peach 1 & Peach 2 enjoying the playground

Peach 1 & Peach 2 enjoying the playground


  • Nice deck that the kids played on, fire ring, gas grill

  • Can walk down to water to get a view of the side of Stone Mountain

  • Super close to playground and pool

  • Shady yet some sun

  • Plenty of RV living space and some neat granite rocks for sitting on

  • Trash pickup is daily right at the drive of your site

Cool rocks to play on


  • Expensive - the purple loop sites are $70+ per night. This can add up quickly, but we only stayed two nights for this trip

  • No gate to campground itself so anyone that pays the gate fee to the main park could drive through

  • The playground gets noisy, especially with older kids that have free reign to run around. I think I finally heard the yelling die down around 930 PM. It wasn't too bothersome for the early evening since my young kids were doing their screaming, etc. too, but we go to bed early since they get up early. May annoy other people who don't want to listen to children being loud

Love grilling at the campground

Love grilling at the campground

There are tons of things to do outside of the campground as well. We spent a day at the Park and saw the laser show (upgraded to the terrace seats, still not sure if it was worth it) as well. Due to having small kids, we took the Sky train up to the top of the mountain this time. I really enjoyed this campground but would want to stay at least 3 nights so we could fit more exploring in and not be rushed at the Park. Overall, I'm glad we camped here. I wouldn't camp year regularly, but I think every couple years as the girls grow would be perfect!


Happy Camping!

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