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Visit Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament for Family Fun & Entertainment - with VIDEO

Visit Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament for Family Fun & Entertainment - with VIDEO

What a fun idea: put a family friendly (yet "for adults only" as well) themed show in a mall, that stars horses, jousting, and eating your dinner with your hands like they did back in the medieval times. Yes- I said eating dinner with your hands while horses frolic around in front of you while a whole drama unfolds. At first, all I thought about was sitting in front of a dusty sand pit and delicately trying to eat my food with my finger tips, but that wasn't the case at all. Read on.



What is Medieval Times?

This is a pretty interesting entertainment opportunity. Typically, Medieval Times facilities are built into a mall, and they have different show times (like the movies), but the entertainment is much more different and interactive. You get to experience live entertainment, dinner, and a wide variety of bar drinks that can be purchased while you wait for your show or during dinner. 


Once you purchase your tickets, you get photo opportunities with the cast, occasional wildlife like the owls, and can purchase doodads or sit in front of giant fireplace. When you enter, you get assigned a color which designates your "knight", and for the whole show you encourage, yell, scream, and heckle the opposite teams. It truly is quite entertaining.

Entering the Arena

Imagine a big arena, like a hockey arena, with long tables with seats surrounding the main event. You do have to pay per "chair", so children under two can be in your "lap" so just use caution when you consider a toddler sitting in your lap for 2 hours during a dinner event! There are tons of lights, and they used smoke and strobes during the show. Also, prior to the show beginning, they have tons of carts in the lobby selling light up swords, roses, you name it, so plan on dropping some money there to entertain the kids prior to the event. A point to make - there is absolutely no smell of animals whatsoever. I have worked horse farms before, and nope, no scent or hint of horse at all.

The sportsmanship and care towards the horses was quite intriguing, and all of the animals (including the hawk!) seemed happy and healthy. All of the workers seemed relatively happy, and the knights were entertaining and entertaining. This is the second visit we've made and plan to have many more as the girls grow. This is a great outing for families, spending under $200 for a family of four (including alcohol and souvenirs!) and I highly recommend this experience to those not allergic to horses! 



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