Equifax Breach - Freeze Your Credit

Yes - Equifax got hacked and all of your personal information has been compromised. Make sure you take steps to protect yourself, as nearly half of the American population has been affected. Hackers now have very sensitive and personal information about you, such as social security number, previous addresses, loan information, pretty much anything on your credit report from Equifax. All of this information can be used to open up accounts of all types. First, learn if you are breached, sign up for free credit monitoring offered to those affected if so, then freeze your credit.

Were You Impacted?

Check here to see if you got impacted: Trusted Premier Website

Sign Up for Free Credit Monitoring

Equifax is offering free monitoring of your credit report if you were impacted. Sign up on their website.

Freeze Your Credit

Prevent any attempts of identity theft by freezing your credit. You will need to do with all three credit bureaus, and you will need to unfreeze it if you actually need to open a loan or apply for a credit card, but it will block all attempts of false attempts. This article will direct you how to freeze your credit.

Don't become a victim to cyber crime, take the necessary steps now to protect yourself!