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Camping at Enota Mountain Retreat - Hiawassee with VIDEOS

Camping at Enota Mountain Retreat - Hiawassee with VIDEOS

What a great little retreat up in the North Georgia mountains! It has it quirks (listed later) but we truly enjoyed our 4 night stay here. From waterfalls, to farm animals, to creekside campsites, you will have plenty to do at Enota Mountain Retreat, especially if you have children in tow.

Huge rocks around the property

Huge rocks around the property

Navigating the Campground

This campground is nestled down in a valley high up in the tallest areas of Georgia. You are going to experience some pretty windy roads, and then tight, one lane gravel roads once you get into the campsite. Would I recommend this campground for your first trip with a big travel trailer?.......Probably not......! But once you master the tight turns and backing your "thang" up, then put this campground on your list of places to camp. There's a lot of good information about the retreat on their website, so make sure you check it out before booking. This retreat is also for tent campers or people who wish to rent a cabin. A few items to mention up front when considering this campground:

  1. Bookings are non-refundable. Period. Don't reserve unless you're committed because you have to pay half up front.

  2. Very pet friendly (there are two "camp" dogs that hang out all day and occasionally bark at you, but they are small dogs and friendly. Expect to pay $5 per night extra for pets.

  3. If you don't like to be close to your camping buddies, don't camp here. The spaces are close and small since the camping area is very limited. I wasn't very fond of the tent sites they crammed in at the rear of our site, but thankfully no one had reserved them.

  4. There is no cell phone reception. At least not for T-Mobile users! There is free wifi at the lodge, but it didn't reach our site, so we took our daily walk over there each morning to check in with the world or to check recipe instructions I forgot to print.

Leaving the check in lodge and heading to site 3. Thanksgiving 2017

Our Camp Site

We stayed at site 3 and enjoyed it for several reasons: only one neighbor (other side was a "parking" area, there was a decent tree for the hammock, we weren't too close to the stream so we weren't in constant fear of a child falling in, close to the playground and trash area, and we were away form the busier parts of the lodge/campground.

We took a couple day trips to visit the area since it was close to Helen, Track Rock Gap Historical site, and Brasstown Bald, but there was plenty to do all around the campsite as well. We visited the waterfall, played at the farm, jumped on the trampolines, and played in the streams. I think Peach 1 & Peach 2 really enjoyed it, especially the farm. It was nice because you had free reign to walk around, buy feed if you wanted, or to just pet or observe the pretty tame animals. Peach 2 was in LOVE with the chickens and farm cat. Peach 1 liked the goats, mini horses, cow, bunnies, and every other animal she could name.

Beware of the Pig!

The pig is very friendly and social, but watch out.... between the farm dogs and the pig, your trash is not safe outside! Our first morning there Hubby had tossed a small bag of trash outside to take to the dumpster after breakfast, but we got a knock on our door shortly after to hear and see a pig helping himself to our trash.

Strange, But True

This place boasts lots to do, but it was interesting to see a few things I wasn't expecting. First, I must say all of the farm animals seemed happy and healthy, outside of a few rickety bunny cages. Next, the washing and drying machines were falling apart. We have the pleasure of needing to use them when Peach 2 decided to yak milk all over us and our bed. Although they appeared broken, amazingly they worked, but would be a great item to add to the owners list of things to replace so campers feel more comfortable if they need to wash their items. And last thing, the oddest in my opinion, was the strip of dilapidated "studios" that appear to be rentable at some point in their life that are situated along the path to one of the observation decks for a waterfall. By the time we reached the last studio/observation deck, we truly realized that they were falling apart because one door was knocked down and exposed a rotted room. I figured we'd spook a bum by accident, but thankfully there weren't any. It definitely was odd seeing such a shabby, rotting thing right next to a beautiful waterfall.


  • Less restrictions, more freedom

  • Dogs allowed to be free roaming if social and not a nuisance or aggressive

  • Alcohol allowed, but be responsible.

  • Drive down to Helen in 20 minutes, or a few other place for sightseeing

  • Lots of areas to hike and explore

  • Farm right near the camp sites with lots to do during different seasons

  • Public restrooms/bath houses appeared clean

  • There is a nice warm lodge that carries supplies and food/snacks. You can go sit in there and check your mail while warming up by the fire place

  • Sewer! RV sites have sewer connectors


  • Camp sites are really close together with poor layouts of necessities (water pump, grill)

  • We didn't visit the restrooms, but they weren't close to us anyways and probably would require a hop in the car if you really had to go

  • The help at the front desk didn't seem too knowledgeable, like when we questioned if the laundry machines actually worked

  • Can't bring wood, have to purchase there, price was fair but better bundles were available in Helen for $4


Would we come here again? Yes! I'd love to come during the summer when there are more farm and garden activities and the girls could play in the water. This is a great campground for all seasons as long as the patrons are respectful of each other due to the "packed" nature of the setup.


Happy Camping!

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Visit Track Rock Gap Archaeological Petroglyph Site in Blairsville GA

Visit Track Rock Gap Archaeological Petroglyph Site in Blairsville GA