Christmas Camping at Jekyll Island Campground on Jekyll Island, GA with VIDEO

We camped at Jekyll Island Campground for the second time at Christmas, in 2017 and in 2015. So much has changed for us, from having our second child, Marlowe, to Hurricane Irma changing the beaches along the ocean side (we didn't recognize Glory Beach at all!). Jekyll Island is a barrier island located on the coast of southern Georgia, and is part of the Golden Isles. From North Atlanta its about a 5.5 hour drive during non-peak traffic times. The island offers everything from golf, to camping, to visiting the Sea Turtle Center, yet its only 35% developed to help protect the ecosystem. 

 Marlowe standing proud with Lula Belle next to our flag 

Marlowe standing proud with Lula Belle next to our flag 

Navigating the Campground

Finding this campground on the island was incredibly easy, and navigating the campground itself was relatively easy with our Jayco Jayflight. You do have to pay to enter the island ($6 daily/one time or pick a longer term pass if you plan to leave/return the island multiple times) and now the plus side is the gates are automated. The road and sites in the campground are not paved, but a sandy material, so keep that in mind when leveling your campers since ours sunk some on the heavier side once we got settled in.

We stayed in H13 for Christmas 2017. Beautiful campground with well maintained facilities and cordial neighbors. Many stay for months at a time. Highly recommend this wonderful place!

Our Camp Site

We stayed at site H13, it was the only site and last option available for our 34 foot rig when I booked in November, but it was great because it was a pull through. We enjoyed it for several reasons: there were many established trees for shade (although none for a hammock), the street was quiet, quick trip to the dumpsters or over to the laundry area, near the bird sanctuary, 10 minute walk to the Horton House historical site, right across from the bath houses & golf cart charging station, and decent space between us and the two neighbors.


  • Quiet, large lots with reasonable rates
  • Dogs allowed on a leash
  • Public restrooms/bath houses were clean, laundry facilities clean and modern
  • Easy access to Driftwood Beach and other amenities on the island
  • Nightly amazing sunset view opportunities were plentiful since it was a short drive to any of the multiple beach options
  • Quiet, respectful campers
  • General store on site with many supplies, including firewood (11 pieces for $5) and propane
  • Golf carts allowed
  • Most sites have sewer available. Campground WiFi is sometimes slow but still good
 Shell hunting at Driftwood Beach, 76 degrees and prettiest day during our trip

Shell hunting at Driftwood Beach, 76 degrees and prettiest day during our trip


  • Ticks: even in December, your dog will get ticks. Make sure you have a tick brush and preventative on hand
  • A lot of the tress are nut trees of some type, so during "nut" season you can hear them dropping and hitting campers, heads, etc.
  • No See-Ums: just as bad as the ticks when its 60 degrees and above. We bought a bug zapper just for this trip. Although it worked well, we still were eaten alive and should have gotten some Thermacell refills.

Camping Here at Christmas Time

Christmas is always a magical time (and filled with Christmas music everywhere, including the stations my husband tortures me with!) but camping at Jekyll Island Campground for this holiday is extra special. The camping crew here really goes all out; many stay here for months at a time and get really comfortable (like dog fences around their sites and such) but they really get creative with how they decorate. Many campers has the inflatable decorations, sparkly lights shining in trees, lights on everything, pretty much any battery or outlet operated device that resembled Christmas. It was awesome. On Christmas Eve, many campers put out the white bags with candles to outline their roadside edges (not sure where they got them from), plus there were carolers walking around singing, and a few brave souls playing a trumpet and other brass instrument during the evening. We took the girls around for a wagon ride and funny enough, we saw the same campers set up from 2 years ago when we camped here the first time. Ben was supposed to stop by and say Hi since they are from Wyoming :)

Things to do During Your Stay

There are plenty of things you can get yourself into during your stay, but here are some of the excursions we got tangled up in. Most will be posted on the blog to share more info (and hyperlinked below) and of course include pictures, and some will include video!

  1.  Visit Driftwood Beach or Glory Beach (Glory Beach is changed significantly due to Hurricane Irma late 2017)
  2. Visit Sharks Tooth Beach
  3. Visit the historic Horton House ruins
  4. Take a drive to Amelia Island, FL and visit Fort Clinch State Park to see the fort ruins

Would we come here again? Absolutely! This is a great campground for all seasons that the campground is open. We really enjoyed this campground and hope to try a different site next time (we have a few in mind!).


Happy Camping!