Visit the Marienberg Fortress in Wurzburg, Germany

Part of our trip to Germany in March, 2015 included a visit to the Marienberg Fortress located in Wurzburg. It was a pretty drive coming from Aschaffenburg, although they were doing lots of road construction that may be finished by now.



As soon as you drove up to the top of the hill and pulled into the parking area surrounded by stone walls, you immediately felt like you were back in time. Ava was about 9 months old, and my experience with strollers and castle visits meant no stroller due to cobble paths, many steps, etc. I popped her in my front pack and headed in.

 Pretty cool parking lot!

Pretty cool parking lot!

Amenities & Things To Do

At the entrance there was a nice wine shop (the people spoke English), a small snack and tourist shop filled to the brim with schnick schnack (she spoke poor English and only accepted cash/small bills!), the offered German-only guided tours (so I didn't participate unfortunately), there was a fancy type of restaurant as well. If you don't take a tour, you are still allowed to roam around the grounds on your own, you just have to remain outside of the buildings that have the doors shut. There's a museum, armory, and Princes Garden as well for viewing. There also was an amazing church that you were allowed to poke your head into. It was filled to the brim with amazing details all over.

Self-Guided Tour

I walked around at a comfortable pace, and stopped many times to readjust Ava and take in the absolutely amazing views. The weather was perfect; actually, it was a pretty warm once I started walking a lot and Ava was like a mini heater on my chest, but it chilled quickly in the shade when we would stop for a feeding. Every edge of the fortress dropped down to the valley, and the elevation gave you 360 views of Wurzburg and the Main River. It was truly a beautiful day and a beautiful place to visit.

Since I wasn't able to participate in the guided tour, I actually didn't know any of the history walking into the place. You can google it and read what interests you about it, but this place has been around for centuries and was mostly bombed away in 1945 and finished being rebuilt in the 1990's. This site here shared some neat history as well. If I had more time, I would have loved to visit the old bridge and more of Wurzburg as well, so if you plan a trip to Germany make sure you try to include this fortress in your itinerary!


Happy world traveling!