DIY Shower Soothers

I recently tried a great craft project of making shower Soothers, and finally put my silicone mold to use for something other than my baby shower two years ago.  Ava's teacher at her school was resigning and I wanted to do a cute, yet inexpensive, treat for her since she was always a sweetheart to Ava. I found the original instructions for Peppermint Soothers here on PinkWhen that were super easy to follow. I only changed a few things, like the type of essential oil, food coloring, and drying method in my instructions below. 

Mason Jar Shower Soothers


  • 1/2 cup Citric Acid
  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 20 drops of Thief Essential Oil Blend
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp Water
  • 6 drops of food coloring
  • silicon mold
  • dropper and mixing bowl
Shower Soother Supplies

 Mixing the Ingredients

Mix the baking soda and citric acid together into a mixing bowl. Use a smaller bowl and add the essential oil, food coloring, and water, mixing well. Due to the bubbly reaction of the mix, you are going to want to add only a FEW DROPS OF THE ESSENTIAL OIL MIX AT A TIME! I personally didn't have a dropper, so I used a straw as an alternative to slowly pipe the mix in.  I mixed the powders with the oil mixture with a large spoon as I dropped the liquids in. This process took about 8 minutes or so to get through since I didn't want to create a foamy mess by adding too much at once!

 Ava got to help until it was mixing and filling time.

Ava got to help until it was mixing and filling time.

Once you are done adding the mixtures together, it will give you a somewhat dry, yet damp, mixture.  Now it's time to add the mixture into your molds. I used a metal spoon to add the mixture and to compress it into the mold, but my fingers and hands were pretty sore when I was finished. This process took almost 20 minutes, so I will try a different tool next time for easy filling and pressing.  The recipe above filled my mold of about 20 Soothers, with just a tiny bit left. 

 Molds are filled and pressed with mixture.

Molds are filled and pressed with mixture.

Drying Time & Storage 

The original recipe called for a few hours drying time then remove from the mold to continue drying overnight. Since I started late, I left my Soothers in the mold overnight, then pulled them out of the mold in the morning. Since the Soothers are dry now, you risk crumbling pieces off if you aren't careful. The silicone mold really made it easy to get the Soothers out with minimal damage.  To store, try using an airtight container so you keep the moisture out, but also because the smell of the essential oils can be pretty strong!  For the gift I fit 10 Soothers in a mason jar and added some twine and paper flowers with a glue gun. For the leftovers, I added them into a ziplock bag. I'd recommend something more airtight because the scent was still very strong even though the bag was sealed. 

Tips for Using Your Soothers 

Before I gave away my first attempt of making this craft, I wanted to try it out to make sure they didn't explode or anything! A couple hints from my experience: 

1. Place in a corner that doesn't get too much water at first. I found that the competing smells of the Soothers and my wash products took away from the experience. I pushed it forward towards the end so I could enjoy the scent by itself.  

2. Slippery when wet! Be careful, the Soothers leave a slickness in their trail down the drain, so make sure you kick over a quick rinse of water once it's dissolved.  

3. Be careful of staining.... I had no issues with the purple food coloring lingering around, but when you see it on the floor it makes you think for a split second that it could stain your grout or sealed edges. Just be aware of this!

That's it! Now you can enjoy!


Do you have any tips you can share from your experience? Please comment below! 

Happy crafting! 

Mindy Sullivan