Hearing Children Giggling is Good for the Soul

There is nothing better than to hear the sweet innocence behind a child's giggle. It shows the pure joy, the real feelings that aren't held back when a child truly is enjoying something. With two little girls now, I get to hear giggles all the time, and it just fills my heart with happiness.


Whether it's playing with a toy or a friend, or "daddy induced", I can't seem to get enough. I do love a good tickle fest with the girls and daddy, though. There is nothing more precious than a bond with a father and daughter (well, a mother to daughter bond is just as precious!), so I love to try to capture those moments on video so that they can be watched when I am feeling down, or when my children become teenagers and decide to hate me for 5 years, or for when they move away to college, or get too busy with their own families to share a giggle with me.

As I write this, the only thing that is keeping me from bursting into hysterical crying, thinking about my little girls growing up and growing from needing me so much, is the neighbors getting trees cut down and the overpowering sound of chainsaws. Thank goodness for chainsaws right now.

If you don't have children, or little girls, or if you just need to get that warm fuzzy feeling, then enjoy the few videos below of my two daughters. 

Baby Marlowe decided it was time to laugh for the first real time on her 4 month birthday today!

Ava loves a good tickle, 24m24d old. She always fishes for a tickle from daddy!