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Life before kids.... Have I forgotten what it's like already?!

Life before kids.... Have I forgotten what it's like already?!

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Including"carry"time for my first daughter, my life changed over two years ago. What was my life like before? Just quickly thinking about it, I came up with a short list of keywords:

  • Wine, more exotic than the 2 & 1/2 buck Chuck
  • Motorcycle hobby
  • Traveling
  • Extra cash, no budget
  • Late nights......

When I really start thinking about it, I begin thinking about the lack of feeling complete. Sure, my husband and I did whatever we pleased, from spending time at the track with our motorcycles (including crashing):

First crash at Road Atlanta 2013

Little Tally 2013

The day I said goodbye...

The day I said goodbye...

 To dropping insane amounts of money on remodeling our first home together:

The joys of sanding 2009

 We even moved cross country together from California to our final destination in Georgia, but, it never seemed to feel complete. Now, mind you, I was a career gal. Every year my response to "When are you having kids?!" was always "5 years", and it never changed.  Many of my close friends were years ahead of us as far as reproduction goes, and I'm sure my in-laws were getting pretty impatient! I was determined to build my career and spent many hours outside of the office doing just that. Plus, I got into the bad habit of rescuing animals, so my mothering genes were being used elsewhere.

As I continue hunting through memories, I realize I could go on forever about how my life used to be, but I'm actually quite satisfied to finish this story. I get to move on to my life with kids; it is very different now,  but oh I wouldn't change it for the world! Looking back, yes we did have to make sacrifices, and yes we don't get to do as we please whenever we want to anymore, BUT I feel complete now. Even the bad days fade in memory and the amazing, beautiful memories are what's left in your mind that make you randomly smile when it pops back up in your head.

Do you remember "life" before kids?

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Too much cuteness for one day

Too much cuteness for one day

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